[The Kingfisher Series] Podcast Video 2 – Recipe Design Savings & Waste Management

Through our design and construction expertise, Sustainable helps you generate recipe design savings, of both time and money. Cost is further reduced through our waste management approach – recycling 98% of the construction waste. For more information go to: Podcast Video 2 – Recipe Design Savings & Waste Management.

[The Kingfisher Series] Podcast Video 1 – Sustainable Solar & Orientation

Sustainable understands sensible design, considering compass-north and solar-north, and positioning homes based on the orientation of where the sun comes up and goes down. For more information go to: Podcast Video 1 – Sustainable Solar & Orientation.

Kingfisher House


Join Tobias Volbert as he discusses his Sustainable journey. Tobias, Hilke and the boys, even three years on, still enjoy and engage with the pleasures of their Sustainable Recipe House.

If you are interested to read more about Sustainable’s key principles in constructing the Kingfisher house, read more at Sustainable News – The Kingfisher House.

Leading the way with Recipe House Communities

Recipe on Crowley showcases how design led urban in-fill housing can continue to deliver the Queensland way of life through natural space and engaged community.

If you are interested in developing house and land options that have the market edge check out our Recipe Housing Communities page.

Be inspired @ Open Day on Crowley

Looking for 21 century design that embraces Queensland values and lifestyle?

See whats possible on Sunday 23 Sept @ 5-9 Crowley St, Zillmere

Recipe on Crowley – Open Day

See design led urban housing leading the way in protecting the Queensland way of life through natural space and engaged community – Be at our Open Day Sunday 23 September 10-3pm 5-9 Crowley St, Zillmere


Open Home – National Sustainable House Day (Sunday 16th September)

Each year National Sustainable House Day provides an opportunity to visit houses that have been built or renovated with sustainability in mind.

We are delighted to once again support the day which features our award-winning Kingfisher Home.

At Sustainable we believe that environmentally and socially responsible housing is the key to a healthy, well connected yet diverse community.

Check it out on Sunday 16th September for an example of how a home can be sensitively and cost effectively developed on its site and integrated within the community streetscape.

Sustainable wins 2017 industry awards

We are proud to announce that Sustainable took home two industry awards at the 2017 HIA Industry Awards.

Recipe House, the Kingfisher, was winner in the Brisbane Region “Custom Built Home” category.

To find out more about the Kingfisher House build, watch the Kingfisher video.

Sustainable also won ‘2017 HIA Brisbane Region Renovation/Addition Project up to $450,000’ for the Emu Vale renovation.

HIA custom build home     HIA reno award



Spectacular Sites Inspire Spectacular Design!

Too often, when looking to buy a block of land, we’re told to steer clear of the dreaded, “scary and unapproachable” sloping block! We’re lead to believe these blocks will present nothing but complications and unnecessary expenses… This couldn’t be further from the truth!

At Sustainable, we believe that spectacular sites inspire spectacular design & lifestyle. As experts in delivering on sloping sites, each site presents the ultimate template to display our strengths of adding value to raw, dramatic topography whilst creating long term nett worth through interpretation of sensitive design.

Check out this beautiful design on a dramatically sloping block at Toowong!

_MG_5130_MG_5165  _MG_5162_MG_5090_MG_4908

Our hot tips just in time for Summer!

Our hot tips just in time for Summer!

Tips to reduce your electricity billssolar-panels-under-blue-sky-and-sun-flare

– Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient LED lights which significantly reduce your lightin energy use and last longer!
– Consider glass louvres if you need to replace a window to allow more passive ventilation into your home.
– Add insulation to your ceiling and/or roof. Your roof is a major source of radiant heat gain in your house.
– Re-painting the outside of your house? Try using lighter colours, particularly on the West to reduce the heat gain into your home.
– Install a solar hot water system
– Install solar electricity panels
– Consider landscaping tips to reduce your electricity bill.

Tips to reduce your water billsfotolia_29467504_xs

– Install a water tank. Size and location of your tank is important, particularly with the noise of some pumps.
– Fix any leaking taps or install water flow restrictors to your existing taps. If your taps are up to 10 to 15 years old, replacing these completely can sometimes be your most cost effective option.
– Install water reduced flow tap fixtures including:
o Shower roses (minimum 3-star WELS rating)
o Dual flush toilets (minimum 4-star WELS rating)
o Tapware (minimum 3-star WELS rating)
– Install a grey water system which is a great option for recycling waste water in your home.
– Is your dishwasher water and energy efficient? If not, consider a new energy and water efficient dishwasher.

Tips for your garden

– Start growing your own vegetables and consider a herb garden! This will help to reduce your grocery bills.
– Applying an organic fertilizer and lucerne mulch to your existing mulch will enrich your soil and improve water and nitrogene content. It’s as simple as mixing through lightly with a fork!
– Prune your garden for summer. It’s still not too late to prune!
– Plant shade trees on the Western side of your home to reduce internal heat gain as well as screens, arbors, greenwalls etc.

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