What is Recipe Housing?

IngredientsButter, sugar, flour, eggs, milk.
With these 5 ingredients you can make a range of treats from pancakes, waffles, cookies or cake.  
How?  Simply adjust the ingredient ratios!

Recipe Housing is a design and building approach developed by Sustainable, that considers elements of the building site and building pods units as “ingredients” for truly sustainable homes.

​Just like a baking recipe, Recipe Housing adapts the ratios of site and design ‘ingredients’ to respond to each individual site and client requirements.

5 Design Principles of the Recipe Housing Approach

Every Recipe House design and construction is based on the following 5 principles:

  1. Site Specific Designs respect the site, consider orientation, work with the existing topography and utilise views/vistas.
  2. Individual  Designs reflect individual wants and needs (current and future)
  3. Environmentally Responsible  Designs utilise sustainable materials and seek to minimise waste.
  4. Optimal Performance for the Life CycleDesigns consider universal design principles to ensure long term access. Material choice consider long term maintenance. Designs offer flexibility and adaptability to provide multi functional living spaces.
  5. Attainable and Affordable Design and build are time and cost effective, and sustainable elements within the home provide long term cost savings on energy consumption. Home owners save money now and into the future.

The result is individual, bespoke homes and communities that respond and reflect to their environment whilst delivering high environmental performance over a 25 year life cycle.

Got Questions?  We have answers.

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