Our Design Approach

When planning to build, renovate or landscape Sustainable will provide you with the proven formula that has set them apart for over 20 years.

  • Sustainable Design and Construction
  • Award Winning Australian Experts
  • Living Sustainable saves you money!
  • Personalised Service


Our Recipe Housing Approach

Recipe Housing is a design and building approach by Sustainable that considers elements of the building site and building pods as “ingredients” for truly sustainable homes.

​Just like a food recipe, Recipe Housing adapts the ratios of site and design ‘ingredients’ to respond to each site and client requirements.

The result is individual, bespoke homes and communities that respond and reflect to their environment whilst delivering high environmental performance over a 25 year life cycle.


Want to find out more about the Recipe House build process and approximate costs?

To understand the Recipe House build and construction process more fully, and view an approximate overview of costs, please click here.


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