Brett and our Sustainable Team finished building Tobias Volbert and his family’s dream home, the Kingfisher, in 2017. Now, 3 years on, Tobias shares his story of living in their sustainable Kingfisher Home.

Wow! 3 years ago we moved into our sustainable Kingfisher Home…it still feels like a dream! We’ve experienced now 3 summers and 3 winters and can truly say that the Kingfisher performs without air conditioning and heating.

Even on the warmest summers days we get a breeze and the kids often call it “The Wind House” – a testament that the cross ventilation works to perfection! The amazing and innovative insulation process with the thermal chimney wall system, does its trick. It provides a house that stays cool in the summer months and passively heats during the winter, holding the heat coming from the thermal mass of the sleeping area of the house.

We also love our electricity bill that comes in under $100 per year, and our water bill is keeping at the minimum as the tanks (25,000 L) have never been empty so far.

It’s incredible how the house works for us as a family and Brett was so right by explaining the importance of volume vs m2 as well as ensuring that home spaces are multi-usable and flexible. The entire property has now different rooms inside and outside to engage, find refuge, entertain or reflect. It just works superbly!

Also, how fast did our forest grow?! Unbelievable that now we sit on our deck and look into a proper forest just after 3-4 years. And the wildlife we are attracting…so good!

Brett and the Sustainable Team, once again, thanks for making our dream come true!!

– Tobias Volbert.

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Sustainable by name, sustainable by nature.

Sustainable: 25 Year Milestone Celebration

Sustainable Pty Ltd. is featured in The Community Chronicle celebrating our 25 Year Milestone. (Click the image above to read)

Celebration time this Monday for the Sustainable Team!

This morning we came in to work to receive our 25 Year Milestone feature in The Community Chronicle. This year, Sustainable is celebrating 25 years within the building and construction industry. We are so excited that we get to share our story with our local community!

Share in our celebration by joining us for the rest of this year. Keep up to date with our latest and greatest stories via our social media platforms – Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook. Also, don’t forget to check our website space for more exciting Sustainable news.

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Kingfisher House


Join Tobias Volbert as he discusses his Sustainable journey. Tobias, Hilke and the boys, even three years on, still enjoy and engage with the pleasures of their Sustainable Recipe House.

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