About Sustainable

Lifetime Passion for Sustainability in House Design and Construct

Sustainable was launched in April 1994 by CEO Brett McKenzie, who has always had a lifetime passion for sustainability in terms of sustainable homes, sustainable landscaping and sustainable communities; both in cities and regional and rural areas. Brett McKenzie’s ethos is to sustainably create and build homes that complement the client’s site and work in harmony with the environment.

Brett and his team at Sustainable offer what few firms in the housing industry do by providing clients with an invaluable complete solution of sustainable design, construction, landscaping and project management. This provides their valuable clients withSecurity and Peace-of-mind during the ‘design and build’ process knowing when they make the decision to build a new home or retrofit their existing house, that Sustainable will deliver right from the initial concept design through to construction completion.

Brett’s Sustainable Design and Construct Vision

Brett’s vision has been the major factor in allowing Sustainable’s long term national success, winning in excess of 60 high level National and Local Awards; ranging from Australian and QLD Greensmart Buildings of the Year, to Greensmart Renovation/Addition of the Year awards and excellence in steel, timber and lightweight construction.

Sustainable are a company that not only lives and breathes sustainability, but one that practices what they preach! Not only does Sustainable utilise sustainable design principles in terms of the design of houses including passive design, orientation, solar access, ventilation etc, Sustainable utilises sustainable construction principles, including recycling all building waste, utilising environmentally friendly materials and practices and also reusing products from deconstructed buildings. These are admirable principles that few in the construction industry practice.

Put simply, Sustainable not only focusses on client’s present needs or building sustainable homes, but also their future needs and lifetime solutions by looking at the 25 year life cycle of houses and savings to guarantee the certainty of client’s lifestyles.

Sustainable guarantees client satisfaction and personalised service with houses completely customised to suit client’s lifestyles, requirements and needs specific to their sites through proven Sustainability Principles. Furthermore the design and construction team are permanently employed, with the design team heavily involved throughout both the design and construction process.

Sustainable are NOT project builders as they design and construction sustainable houses that are customised for each individual site. No two houses are the same. They focus on quality rather than quantity and build less homes per year; alike traditional project builders.

Brett McKenzie and the team at Sustainable Pty Ltd are true advocates for beautiful sustainable design, intelligent construction services and a sustainable world!

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