What We Design and Construct

Sustainable design and constructs innovative and energy efficient homes.

Our superb sustainable house designs incorporate principles of sustainability within our designs to address both our current and future needs. This means dollars back in your pocket long term!

We have had over 30 successful years in the industry and will deliver you with a fixed price home that guarantees the certainty of lifestyle you deserve.

Where We Design and Construct

Why We Design and Construct

Sustainable’s Founder started the business to pursue a lifetime passion for sustainable communities and sustainable architecture and construction.

He wanted to target a market segment and strata previously untouched with an ethos to sustainably create and build homes that complement your site and work in harmony with the environment.  That niche was to develop a specialised, integrated package of building and design services to assist clients and prospects.


Put simply, to offer the most extraordinary, risk-free method of building yet seen in Queensland, to individuals in either Brisbane’s most exclusive suburbs or the beautiful beaches of the Gold and Sunshine Coast and the breathtaking Southern Downs of Queensland.

The success of this vision is evident in the string of awards the company has received with over 60 Australian housing awards including Australian Greensmart Energy Efficiency awards and Greensmart Home of the year awards.

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